Hook :
Jump On the beat it's a movie
Fanbase is bigger than boujee
My flow is a high school bully
Cava the way that I'm moving
Look at they faces they losing
Look at them licking their bruises
Chill by myself ain't no grouping
Most of you niggaz confuse me

Do anything for the bag
No deposit Just pay me in cash
Only best friends with the paper
I do not fuck with the bank x2

Verse 1 :
All of my cash in a sack ey
Soon I'll be breaking the bank ey
Nigga I never relax ey
Everything I do I finesse ey

Pull up at the crib it's a splash
Pull up we spend more cash
We stack bags with raps
Yeah I'm trapping with no regrets
I don't expect you to understand
Traohouse turned to a holocaust
If you ain't a trapper u an outcast
We need more funds than forex
I need a milli no cap
I need to cop a new Benz
They claim we ain't making cash
But these niggas still follow my trends ey
They speaking shit on MA name
Saying my music is lame
As long as I'm getting the dough
I'm making money flows ey