The Black Ties

When three of South Africa’s premier entertainers came together to start something new, a little magic happened along the way...

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’d like you to meet The Black Ties, starring Lloyd Jansen, Keeno Lee and Chad Saaiman. Entertaining, mischievous, charming, witty and above all fun, The Black Ties are the ultimate cover band taking you on a music journey through the music of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson and so much more! The Black Ties add the secret ingredient to which transforms any gathering from an event to an occasion.

With one of the most diverse cover band repertoires, The Black Ties can perform any genre and music style to cater to your event. With your great venue and a live band to provide the music, an evening with The Black Ties promises to be a night filled with fun and entertainment for all. With a penchant for old world charm and an eye for contemporary trends, The Black Ties bring the best of both worlds to your stage or dance floor. With performance accolades, SAMA nominations and a strong following, these three musical talents combine to form a dynamic, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable unit. No venue is too big to be intimate or too small to be
fun when the atmosphere, the energy and above all, the music is, well, just right.



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